Why You Should Leverage Soft Skill as a Side Hustle as an Immigrant

It is an indisputable fact that having a side hustle holds many benefits. However, having to shuttle between jobs can be stressful, hence having a soft skill as a side hustle is the perfect fix.

Soft skill is referred to as professional skills inherent in a person. Writing skills, public speaking, content creation, video editing, are all examples of soft skills. Asides in the workplace, the gig market is another place to monetize soft skills. 

According to this article, the gig economy in Canada is on the rise. With the world becoming increasingly digitzed, soft skills are now in high demand. Freelance websites like upwork and fiver have made it easier for freelancers to leverage their skills on the internet.

As an immigrant, getting settled and securing a physical job might take some time. However, during this time, you have the internet at your reach. Monetizing any of your soft skills can be a way for you to earn income while you navigate settling into your new environment.