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The Three Most In-demand Career Path For Africans in Canada

There are many things to factor in when one is relocating to a new country. Undoubtedly, planning for career success is a priority as this is directly linked to your ability to earn well and survive. Relocation also poses the possibility of a second chance at building a fulfilling career. Perhaps, you previously did not have a career that satisfied you, relocating can give you a chance to start all over again.

However, you can only do this when you are prepared. So here’s the top three career paths that most africans in Canada tow because of how high-paying they are.

  • Nursing: For an immigrant to be eligible to work in Canada first and foremost, you must be a licensed nurse in their home country. You must also show significant work experience to indicate competence. A detailed step by step process on how to immigrate to Canada as a Nurse can be found here.
  • Dentistry: There is a high demand for dentists in at least 11 provinces in Canada. The first step to relocating is to determine eligibility. Once eligibility has been determined, getting the necessary accreditations is important. There are a number of immigration pathways that one can take on this process and it can be confusing. As such, it is important that you do enough research in order to determine the right track for you. You can find more information on potential immigration pathways and associated information as a dentist here
  • Pharmacy: The first and most obvious step to becoming a pharmacist in Canada as an immigrant is to have a university degree in pharmacy and credible work experience as a pharmacist. You will also need to hold a license from your home country and one in the new province which you plan to reside in. These are just the preliminary steps that should be taken, you can find a more detailed step by step process here.


Immigrating is serious business and it is a lot of work. Asides the physical toll it takes on an individual, there is also the financial aspect. Ensuring that your means of livelihood is guaranteed and will not be threatened in your new country is essential to surviving the first couple of years. As an immigrant, it is important to be properly equipped with important career-related information before taking the plunge.