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Resume Writing For Immigrant Job seekers: Tips For Standing Out To Canadian Employers

The professional sector is a dynamic place and the rules of engagement are different for every country. As a newcomer to Canada, you are probably coming in with your personal experiences of how things work in your country, however, it is important that you adjust accordingly.

Resume writing is not an exception to this, especially as an immigrant. You will have to adapt your CV to the Canada norm so that you have a shot at landing interviews. In this article, you’ll find a couple of helpful tips to guide you:

  • Always submit your resume in the same language as the job advertisement: Canada has two official languages- English & French, and as such, depending on which province the job position you are applying to is in, the job advertisement will be in either language. It is important to tailor your resume accordingly. If you do not speak french, then avoid applying to job ads from french speaking provinces as that will likely impact your ability to get the job or perform. 
  • Delete personal details from your cv: I know you are an immigrant and might feel self-conscious enough to want to put this on your resume header; but please DON’T. Personal information like age, date of birth, marital status, sexuality, ethnicity/race, are not professional information and the hiring manager does not need to know that.
  • Consider getting your credentials evaluated: Considering that your credentials and educational background were most likely done in your home country, as an immigrant it is important that you get a credential evaluation body like WES (World Education Services) and include this evaluation on your resume. A credential evaluation report from WES can help you get a fulfilling job in your field.
  • Submit your resume in pdf format: This tip might look like a small thing but presentation is a big determiner for whether or not the hiring manager will select your resume. The ideal way to present your resume is in pdf format and to detail your work experience in chronological order
  • Keep it succinct & proofread: According to research, recruiters spend an average of 6-8 seconds to glance through your resume. Also, the traditional rule for CV writing is to keep the pages to a maximum of two pages or under. As a result of these, when writing your CV, briefly articulate your previous experiences by highlighting accomplishments and results. Also take the time to proofread for any errors or typos.
  • Hire a professional CV writer: If all else fails and you can afford it, hire a professional resume writer to revamp your CV and ready you for the Canadian job market.


As an immigrant, landing your first job might be difficult for multiple reasons. However, applying these tips above can set you up for a successful job search journey.