Everything You Need To Know About The New Canadian NOC Guideline

National Occupational Classification (NOC) is the Canadian system of classifying occupations under different categories. According to their website, the NOC system of occupation classifying gives statisticians, labor market analysts, career counselors, employers and job seekers a standardized way of describing and understanding the nature of work.

The Canadian government recently announced that the previous NOC which was based on the 2016 version will no longer be valid. Instead, the 2021 version of the NOC classification will be used henceforth. Slight variations between both versions exist and this article will shed more light on them.

What You Need to Know About the New NOC Version

  • Jobs are grouped into Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities categories under the acronym, TEER.
  • Occupation codes are now five digits code, no longer four.
  • Occupations like transport truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, school teacher assistants, and 13 others, are new additions to the list of jobs eligible for the Express Entry immigration route.

You can click here and here for further information about the new NOC guideline and how it impacts your immigration to Canada.