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How to Use LinkedIn to Land a Job in Canada

There are a lot of things to navigate as an immigrant and unemployment should not be on this list. Earning as soon as you land should be your succor at a time like this. Thankfully, using LinkedIn can help you land your next job. Keep reading to find out how.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile: This is one of the most recurring LinkedIn advice but it is gold. The algorithm rewards you by showing your profile when people in your industry use affiliated keywords in the search bar. Your chances of being found by a recruiter is higher when your profile is optimized. To do this, ensure your profile and cover photo are in place, ensure your professional summary tells a cohesive story of your expertise in your industry- this is important because this is what gives people a sense of who you are, make sure your work experience and certifications are properly articulated and cataloged. Also ensure the open to work tag is active on your header to recruiters who view your profile.
  • Connect with Canadian Professionals: This step yields a two-fold reward. First you get to expand your personal network and make new friends among your peers who live in your new country. Then if you connect and interact often with them, the algorithm also shows you job opportunities based in Canada, even if you haven't physically moved yet. In your search bar, type key words like your job title, industry, or your new city plus 'Canada' and click on the "people'' option. You will see profiles of people within your industry living in Canada pop up.
  • Join LinkedIn Groups: Joining community focused groups in your career path can sometimes get you a job faster than applying on the job section. People post job opportunities on job groups. Referrals are also easier to get from a person who has interacted with you in such a closed gathering as opposed to cold emailing them as a stranger.
  • Follow companies: If you are interested in a specific company,following their profile on LinkedIn is one of the ways to display your interest. It also accords you visibility to their job vacancies faster.

Conclusion: Social media has made the world a global village and as professionals immigrating to Canada, it is important to take advantage of this gift in a way that adds value.